As our client, we will work with you to outline a hotel accomodation that meets your unique needs. We can facilitate the bidding of one city, or many cities, on an annual or as needed basis (we suggest bidding/researching the markets throughout the year to stay on top of rate trends).

We can also provide you with access to monitor the bid process, if you so choose. You can be as involved as you would like, or just leave the bidding to us. We will provide you with a summary of the results so that you can make the decision that best meets your needs.

MAGHREB JET process can be as rigid or as flexible as you need it to be. From time-to-time, our clients have last-minute, ad-hoc hotel requirements. We are able to assist with the rate negotiation and/or booking(s) for a hotel stay within as little as a few hours. In these circumstances, we would by-pass our formal MAGHREB JET process and contact our hotel partners directly to determine availability and rate and ensure our clients are getting the best deal possible.